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March 8th Community Service Initiative

We're excited to inform everyone that despite March 8 being a designated school holiday, our SIA Student Government (SSG) and secondary department have collaborated to organize a remarkable community service initiative!

  • Time: Beginning at 9:00 am until 11:00 am.

  • Location: SIA basketball court.

This initiative is focused on serving the children within our community through various engaging activities:

  • Praise Songs

  • Interactive Games

  • Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Moreover, thanks to the generous contributions from some parents, we'll be distributing food packs and other gifts to the children.

We extend a warm invitation to all parents to join us in this noble endeavor. If you still wish to contribute financially or through in-kind donations to support this initiative, please direct your contributions to the following account:

  • Account: ABA 000 360 561

  • Account Holder: Jose Jr. Araneta

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support for SIA's educational mission.


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