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Enriching Opportunities for Every Student

We believe in fostering well-rounded individuals, empowering students to explore their passions, develop critical skills, and embrace opportunities that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting.


A.C.E. Curriculum

SIA has embraced the A.C.E (Accelerated Christian Education) program from the School of Tomorrow. This educational approach provides a comprehensive academic curriculum encompassing skill-building, goal-setting, reading practice, and character development—all intricately woven with strong Biblical integration. The curriculum progresses seamlessly through high school, offering a core curriculum along with a diverse range of electives.

The A.C.E. program employs self-instructional PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education), allowing students to engage in learning with minimal supervision. Students are not confined to specific levels; those excelling in particular subjects may advance at an accelerated pace, while others facing more challenging material can take the time needed to master it. This personalized approach ensures that each student, working at their individual proficiency level, thoroughly masters the material.


Nursery & Kindergarten

Beginning Reading Programs:

  • Nursery & Kindergarten with Ace and Christi

  • ABCs with Ace and Christi


Primary Reading Programs:

  • Reading Development

  • English Language Development (ELD)

  • Spoken Word

High School

Secondary Enhancement Programs:

  • Reading Development

  • Spoken Word

  • Creative Writing

  • Research


Our Key Points of Difference

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We embrace the individual learning journey of each student. We understand that each student has a unique learning style, and our goal-setting approach with minimal oversight tailors the educational experience to their specific pace and fosters independence, self-motivation, and a strong sense of achievement.

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SIA's individualized program lets students soar through the PACEs at their own speed and unlock their full potential, often breezing through a year's worth of material and reaching new heights before the year is through.

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PACEs are carefully designed to aid each child in mastering every presented concept. The continuous review of topics allows students to master each concept while moving forward, ensuring a deep and comprehensive understanding of the material. This unique method promotes thorough learning and allows students to advance at their own rate.

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SIA cultivates well-rounded individuals. We believe character is the foundation of leadership, and our Bible-based core traits are woven throughout the curriculum. 

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The academic philosophy of SIA is founded on Biblical principles of learning. The Bible is an integral part of the materials. Each academic area is approached from a God-centered perspective: Math is viewed as principles reflecting God's order; Language is considered as a divine gift for communication with God and others; Social Studies is studied recognizing God's sovereignty over all history; and Science is explored acknowledging God's design in creation.



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