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International Cultural Celebration Activities

We're excited to provide you with detailed information about the upcoming International Cultural Celebration.

  • Wednesday, April 3: The festivities commence with International Cultural Presentations, Performances, and Traditional Costume Day. Students, organized into groups representing the seven continents, will showcase their unique cultural heritage through vibrant displays and captivating performances. We encourage your active participation in this event, starting at 9:00 am.

  • Thursday, April 4: International Fun Day awaits, filled with a plethora of engaging activities and games. Please ensure your child comes prepared in their PE uniform, with an extra shirt for added comfort.

  • Friday, April 5: Join us for the culminating event, the International Cookfest, where each group will prepare a mouthwatering meal representing their continent. Each group will prepare food representing their continent, which will be served during the potluck lunch fellowship. Additionally, we kindly request that each family contribute a specific dish for the potluck. Kindergarten families are asked to bring fruits and desserts, while elementary and secondary families are requested to provide meat and vegetables. Our dedicated teachers will oversee the provision of drinks and rice. Please ensure that the dish you prepare is sufficient to serve at least five people. Furthermore, we kindly remind you to ensure that your child wears the designated color shirt corresponding to their team. This will help facilitate smooth coordination and identification during the event. Please coordinate with your child's teacher regarding team colors and assigned food contributions. We invite you to partake in the potluck lunch fellowship


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