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Stepping Stone International Academy's Pre-Easter Chapel: Jesus Our Hope

March 29, 2024

As the 4th Quarter unfolds, Stepping Stone International Academy (SIA) embraced the spirit of Easter with its Pre-Easter Chapel, commemorating the importance of Christ's death and resurrection. The day marked not only the fifth day of the quarter but also a significant moment of reflection and celebration for the SIA community.

The program commenced with opening remarks from the school principal, Mr. Joe, setting the tone for the occasion. Following his address, the worship team took the center stage, leading the congregation in songs and praises centered around the theme: "Jesus Our Hope." The atmosphere was filled with reverence and gratitude as students and faculty united in worship. The worship segment culminated with the soul-stirring rendition of the song "Holy Forever," echoing the significance of the moment.

With hearts uplifted, Mr. Joe stepped forward to deliver a heartfelt message, emphasizing the profound impact of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and His victorious resurrection on the third day. He highlighted the universal significance of Christ's suffering and resurrection, offering hope and salvation to all. His words resonated with the audience, reminding them of the profound love and redemption offered through Christ's ultimate sacrifice.

Concluding his message, Mr. Joe shared a video clip of the song "Above All" by Michael W. Smith , depicting the crucifixion of Christ and the great impact of His resurrection. Following this powerful presentation, a heartfelt prayer of salvation was offered, extending an invitation to those who had yet to experience the transformative power of Christ's love.

After the devotion, students eagerly participated in an egg-hunting game as part of the preparations for the upcoming International Cultural Celebration. Teams representing different continents scoured the school grounds in search of hidden eggs, adding an element of excitement to the day's events. With determination, both the Australia and Antarctica teams emerged victorious, tying for the first spot by collecting an impressive 28 eggs each out of a total of 30. This friendly competition not only fostered teamwork but also added an extra layer of excitement to the day's festivities.

As the Pre-Easter Chapel drew to a close, Mr. Joe delivered the closing announcements, providing insight into the events planned for the upcoming week. The Pre-Easter Chapel served as a reminder of Christ's love to everyone, that He has risen, and that our hope is found in Him.

As SIA continues to create a setting where students can excel academically and grow spiritually, events such as the Pre-Easter Chapel serve as symbols of its dedication to providing comprehensive education and caring for the well-being of its students' hearts and minds.



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