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SIA in Action: Students Lead School Spirit Week with Community Cleanup and Environmental Awareness

February 16, 2024, marked the culmination of SIA's School Spirit Week, a week-long celebration dedicated to fostering community, self-awareness, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship. Under the leadership of the school principal, Mr. Joe, students at SIA embarked on a mission to clean up Street 42P, breathing new life into their local environment.

The day began with a prayer led by Mr. Joe, setting the tone for a day dedicated to service. Mrs. Seoun's inspiring devotion highlighted the importance of environmental responsibility, urging students to recognize their capacity to transform the world around them through recycling and conscious action.

Armed with clippers, trash bags, face masks, and gloves, teams of students fanned out across Street 42P, determined to rid the area of litter and debris. Despite the sweltering heat, the spirit of SIA students remained undaunted, their smiles and determination shining through as they worked tirelessly to beautify their community.

The efforts of SIA students did not go unnoticed, with members of the local community expressing their gratitude for the school's initiative. After a morning of hard work, students returned to school for a well-deserved break before the festivities resumed.

In a creative twist, students put their collected recyclables to use in a game of "Bottle Toss," demonstrating that even waste can be repurposed for enjoyment. The collective weight of the recycled materials gathered by both teams for a span of two weeks amounted to an impressive 53.5 kilos, with the Black team emerging victorious with a haul of 16.5 kilos.

Celebrating Success and Service

As School Spirit Week drew to a close, SIA took the opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of its students. In a ceremony filled with pride and applause, the Black team, led by Daniel Bae, was crowned the overall champion of this year's festivities, amassing an impressive total of 4800 points.

Following closely behind was the Pink team, led by Paul Kim, securing second place with 3500 points. The Blue team, under the leadership of Roshan Gatmen, and the Green team, led by Geonwoo Park, claimed the third and fourth spots, respectively.

In recognition of their dedication to service and community, the overall champions were awarded a prize of $50, a fitting reward for their hard work and commitment to making a positive impact.

As the curtains closed on another successful School Spirit Week, the legacy of SIA's commitment to service and environmental stewardship continues to shine brightly, inspiring students to be agents of change in their communities and beyond.


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