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SIA Crowns Spoken Word Talents

The rhythmic echoes of poetic expression resonated at Stepping Stone International Academy on December 1, 2023 as the school hosted an enchanting Spoken Word Competition. Divided into elementary and secondary categories, this event unveiled the literary talents of 27 elementary students and 21 secondary students.

Recognition of Excellence: Top Performers in Focus

Out of the impressive array of participants, only the top three performers in each category earned well-deserved recognition for their exceptional spoken word skills.

Showcase of Heartfelt Performances

In the elementary category, winners distinguished themselves with heartfelt performances. Grade 6 student Sarah Pok claimed the 1st place with her poignant piece, "Dear Anxiety," authored by Clayton Jennings. Rebekah Lee secured the 2nd position with her captivating delivery, and Jedediah's expressive narrative earned her the 3rd spot, establishing them as the shining wordsmiths among the elementary students.

Sarah Pok's winning piece not only showcased her individual talent but also emphasized the collaborative brilliance with Clayton Jennings, creating a powerful synergy in her performance.

The secondary category witnessed equally compelling performances, with Grade 10 student Junior Radaniva securing the 1st place with his impactful piece, "We Have Lost Who We Are," written by Gloria Umanah. Ashira Gatmen's evocative rendition earned her the 2nd position, and James Kang's expressive storytelling landed him the 3rd spot, making them the standout spoken word artists among the secondary students.

Fostering Creativity: Stepping Stone's Commitment to Expression

The competition not only celebrated individual talent but also underscored the school's commitment to fostering creativity and expression. As applause filled the court, it became evident that the Spoken Word Competition not only showcased the remarkable talents of its participants but also created a space for the appreciation of the transformative power of words within the entire school community.



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