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SIA's Spirit Week: Love Wednesday Highlights

Stepping Stone International Academy (SIA) continued its Spirit Week with "Love Wednesday," a day filled with heartwarming activities and messages of love. Hosted by the SIA Student Government (SSG) under the leadership of President Roshan, the day was a celebration of love and togetherness among students and faculty.

The day kicked off with opening remarks from the school principal, Mr. Joe, who emphasized the importance of God's love to everyone. This was followed by a moving worship fellowship led by the school's worship team, setting a positive and reflective tone for the rest of the day.

After the worship, the SSG had organized a series of fun and interactive games. "Group Yourselves" is a popular game that challenged students to form groups based on given criteria. Another game was "The Prince and Princess," played by paired couples, showcasing their coordination and teamwork. Additionally, "Catch Me My Love," a tagging game, added an element of excitement and laughter to the event.

As the half-day event came to a close, Mr. Joe made a short announcement about the activities planned for the next day, keeping the excitement and spirit of Spirit Week alive. "Love Wednesday" was not just a day of fun and games, but also a reminder of the importance of love, unity, and community in the SIA family.


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