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SIA Celebrates Khmer New Year: A Day of Unity, Diversity, and Festivities!

April 11, 2024, marked a special day at SIA as the school came together to celebrate Khmer New Year in a vibrant and spirited event. The day was filled with festivities that honored Cambodian culture and traditions while promoting unity and diversity among the students and staff.

The celebrations commenced with a warm welcome from the school principal, Mr. Joe, who set the tone for the day with his opening remarks. Following this, the atmosphere was uplifted as the worship team took the stage, leading the crowd in songs of praise under the theme "Joy In Diversity." As hands clapped, voices lifted, and praises soared, the sense of unity and joy echoed throughout the gathering. While everyone held each other's hands, the worship culminated with the heartfelt rendition of "Lead Me to The Cross," followed by a prayer from Mr. Joe, uniting all in a moment of reflection and gratitude.

Continuing the program, Ms. Khon and Maneasha Suong, both hosts for the day, handed over the mic to Mr. Chea as he led the devotion, shedding light on Cambodia's Songkran festival and emphasizing the significance of embracing diversity while celebrating cultural traditions. The cultural immersion continued with a mesmerizing Khmer cultural dance performed by middle school girls, accompanied by Khmer music, captivating the audience with graceful movements and rhythmic beats.

As excitement grew, the Merits Sale opened its doors, allowing students to redeem their hard-earned merits for a variety of items spanning from refreshing drinks to delicious snacks.

The lively atmosphere continued as the day transitioned to exciting games. The eating competition kicked off the fun-filled lineup, showcasing an abundance of Cambodian fruits. Laughter filled the air as participants competed with determination to fill their mouths with food, digging in with haste.

Next up was the thrilling "Find Me" game, which saw participants blindfolded and tasked with locating their partners through sound cues. A humorous twist ensued as Mr. Chea and Mr. Joe, paired with their wives, hilariously found each other instead, triggering laughter from the crowd.

The excitement reached its peak with the traditional Sack Race, as participants hopped towards the finish line with competitive spirit, sparking cheers and applause from the sidelines.

Following the exhilarating activities, everyone enjoyed a feast of traditional Cambodian delights, including Bai Cha, rice cakes, breads, and many more served with refreshing sugar cane juice.

However, the most anticipated moment arrived as participants armed themselves with water guns and face powder, ready to partake in the traditional Khmer New Year festival. Amidst splashes of water and bursts of powder, laughter and smiles filled the court, leaving fun memories that would be cherished for years to come.

In essence, SIA's celebration of Khmer New Year served not only as a tribute to Cambodian culture but also as a testament to the school's commitment to fostering diversity, unity, and joy within its community. As the day drew to a close, memories were made, friendships were strengthened, and the spirit of Khmer New Year resonated throughout SIA, leaving a memorable and enriching experience for all who attended.



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