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Dr. Newheart's Christmas Cure

Dr. Newheart's Christmas Cure: SIA's Musical Shines with a Message of Hope

On the enchanting evening of December 21, 2023, Stepping Stone International Academy (SIA) hosted a memorable School Christmas Musical, captivating the audience with the heartwarming production titled "Dr. Newhearts Christmas Cure." The event unfolded as a splendid celebration of the holiday season, seamlessly blending entertainment with a profound message of love and faith.

The program commenced with an opening address from the esteemed school principal, Mr. Joe Araneta, setting the tone for an evening filled with joy and festive cheer. The Kindergarten department took the stage next, presenting a delightful special number that left the audience beaming with admiration for the young talents within SIA.

Before the much-anticipated main event, the school's administrator, Ptr. Paul Lim, shared a brief yet poignant message about the true essence of Christmas—an essence found in Christ. His words served as a timely reminder of the spiritual significance that often gets overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

The centerpiece of the evening was the Christmas musical, featuring a talented cast of students who brought "Dr. Newhearts Christmas Cure" to life. Roshan Gatmen, a senior student at SIA, took on the role of Dr. Newheart, guiding a group of kids plagued by the fictional ailment, "Christmas Day Dump." As the narrative unfolded, the children discovered that the true remedy for their holiday blues was rooted in the real meaning of Christmas—Christ's birth.

Throughout their visit to Dr. Newheart, played by Roshan Gatmen, the characters in the musical were enlightened about the joy and hope found in embracing the true meaning of Christmas. In a heartwarming twist, the storyline concluded with the kids not only cured of their holiday blues but also having found a deeper connection with Christ, accepting Him as their personal Savior.

The program reached its culmination with a touching rendition of "Silent Night," a song that brought the performers and the audience together in a harmonious celebration of the season. The atmosphere was filled with the spirit of unity, reflection, and gratitude as the timeless melody echoed through the venue.

SIA's "Dr. Newhearts Christmas Cure" succeeded not only in entertaining but also in delivering a powerful message that resonated with the true essence of Christmas. The production, blending theatrical excellence with spiritual insight, left a lasting impression on all who attended, making it a standout moment in SIA's festive calendar and a source of joy and inspiration for the entire community.



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