Who we are

About SIA:

Stepping Stone International Academy (SIA) is an international school located at Phnom Penh City, Cambodia.

It was established in 2011 initially to meet the needs of expat's families children. It had a very humble beginning with just four students but had grown significantly in the next few years. SIA hopes to meet and provide a quality education for foreign and Cambodian children in the surrounding community in the coming years.

Currently, SIA boasts of students from different cultures and nationalities. It also comprises foreign and local faculty who are dedicated and motivates students to learn and teach them not only to LIVE but how to LIVE.


Believing that God created each child in His own individual and creative way with a unique learning style, we seek to provide a quality education that fosters on character training, prepare them to be organized and self-motivated and promote skills that will shape them for their future.

SIA Goals:

Personal Goal - Integrity

Being faithful in doing and in carrying out responsibilities, being loyal to oneself & to decisions made, agreeing to keep rules and regulations and being honest under any circumstance.

Academic Goal - Ability

Christian Goal - Consistency

Lifetime Philosophy - Stepping Stone Function