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Believing that God created each child in His own individual and creative way with a unique learning style, we seek to provide a quality education that fosters character training, prepares them to be organized and self-motivated, and promotes skills that will shape them for their future.


Our History

Stepping Stone International Academy, nestled in the heart of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia, stands as a beacon of educational excellence. Our journey began in 2011, driven by the vision to cater to the educational needs of expatriate families' children. What started as a modest initiative with just four students has blossomed into a vibrant and dynamic learning community over the years.

Our Humble Beginnings

Founded with a commitment to quality education, SIA started with the noble goal of providing a nurturing environment for the children of expatriates. Our humble beginnings laid the foundation for what SIA stands for today – a center of learning that transcends borders and fosters academic and personal growth.

A Growing Community

From those early days, SIA has grown significantly, evolving into a diverse community that now proudly hosts students from various cultures and nationalities. Our student body mirrors the rich tapestry of the global community, creating an environment that celebrates diversity and cultural exchange.

Quality Education for All
At SIA, our mission is to provide a quality education that goes beyond traditional boundaries. We are not just an international school; we are a community that believes in equipping students with the skills and knowledge to navigate a globalized world. Our dedicated faculty, comprising both foreign and local educators, instill a passion for learning and guide students not only on how to live but how to truly live with purpose.

Our Vision for the Future

As we continue to grow, SIA remains committed to meeting the evolving educational needs of both foreign and Cambodian children in the surrounding community. We envision a future where every student who walks through our doors leaves with not just academic prowess but also a deep understanding of the world and their place in it.

Join us at Stepping Stone International Academy – where education knows no bounds, and every student is empowered to step confidently into the future.


Our Goals



Being faithful in doing and in carrying out responsibilities, being loyal to oneself & to decisions made, agreeing to keep rules and regulations and being honest under any circumstance.



Wisdom with knowledge and knowledge based upon wisdom, presentation skill by which knowledge can be applied in the form of logical writing and persuasive speech, and one's determination and accomplishment are realized in this goal.



A student's spiritual life is required to be consistent with speech and behavior in interpersonal relationship. Faith and life cannot be separated but must always go together. In connection with this goal, two Chinese proverbs come to mind: 口蜜腹剑 (Honey in mouth, Sword in belly),表里不同 (Difference between inside and outside) At SIA, the importance of consistency will continually be emphasized.


Stepping Stone Function

“Maturity” is the core part of this goal. Self-centered and ethno-centered immature person always puts oneself on the primary line not being able to look at other people or other people's situation. SIA will promote students to lift up their eyes to be able to look at others so that they obtain supportive attitude for family, friends, church, school and community.



Take the first step and join us at Stepping Stone International Academy.

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