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Healthy-riffic Thursday: A Day of Fun and Health at SIA

Stepping Stone International Academy (SIA) celebrated Healthy-riffic Thursday as part of its Spirit Week with a series of engaging activities to promote health and wellness among students.

The event kicked off with a devotion led by Mr. Jef focusing on the importance of self-awareness and taking care of one's body as it is a gift from God. The Kindergarten students added to the morning's excitement with a special performance.

The first activity, "Bring me Relay," was a hit among the Kindergarten students, with each group enthusiastically participating. Next up was the "Fruit and Veggie Trivia Quiz," engaging both Elementary and Secondary students.

The court came alive with energy during the cheering competition, "Cheer Up!," where each group showcased their creativity highlighting the benefits of fruits, and vegetables and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Another exciting game, "Beans Me Apart," brought laughter and enjoyment to the students as they attempted to separate a variety of beans using chopsticks.

The favorite game of the day was the "Bottle Flip", involving all students and teachers. Participants who failed to successfully flip the bottle had to consume raw vegetables such as bitter gourd juice, garlic, and other nutritious options with unlikeable flavors.

Healthy-riffic Thursday provided a day of fun and excitement and underscored the importance of healthy living and caring for one's body. The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on everyone and encouraging them to prioritize their health and well-being.


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