Widening learning results

Primary Goals

Our goal for every SIA graduate is to exemplify the following:


Student’s life is to be consistent with speech and behavior. Faith and life cannot be separated but must go hand-in-hand. In connection to this goal, let us be reminded with these two Chinese proverbs, 口蜜腹剑(Honey in mouth, Sword in the belly),表里不同(Difference between inside and outside). In SIA, the importance of consistency will continually be emphasized.

Integrity - Personal Goal 

Being faithful in doing and carrying out responsibilities, being loyal to self, making wise decisions, keeping rules and regulations and being honest in any circumstances encapsulates this goal.


Wisdom with knowledge and knowledge based upon wisdom as well as effective presentation skill by which knowledge can be displayed through logical writing and persuasive speech determination and accomplishments the ultimate aim of this goal.


‘Maturity’ is the core part of this goal. A self-centered and ethnocentric immature person always put oneself on the primary line not being able to look at other people or other people’s situation. SIA will promote students to lift up their eyes to be able to look at others so that they obtain a supportive attitude for family, friends, church, school, community.

Above all, one thing that we must not forget is that God is our LORD and is always in control!