Elementary Sleepover! Important Reminders!

As planned by our SSG, we would be having our sleepover for elementary students on May 24, 2019, Friday, 7:00 PM to Saturday, 11:30 AM. Elementary students in Grades 4 – 6 (10 – 13 years old) ONLY are allowed to participate. As per the announcement, We advise that you pick them up after school on Friday and just bring them back here to school at 7:00 PM.  The activities will include fun games and fellowship, movie time and lots of food to enjoy.  There will be a contribution of $2.00 only which will be due on Thursday, May 23.  For those who will be attending, please have them bring sleepwear, extra clothes, toiletries and beddings (mat or sleeping bag, pillows & blanket).  If with a generous heart you want to sponsor drinks, any food or snacks for this event, please indicate in the portion below.  Sign and send back the portion to us as this will serve as your consent for allowing your child to attend the sleepover activity.  This activity will be supervised by two or three teachers aside from the SSG officers.